Thermometer calibration issues


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Aug 5, 2019
I’m having trouble calibrating the incubator thermometer. Tested a meat thermometer. Boil test 0.4 low, freeze test 0.4 high. So +- .08? Then I get different readings depending on where it is in the incubator, and I can’t get it by the incubator thermometer because it hangs from the middle of the top. So how do I calibrate the incubator thermometer? I have another thermometer that I measured against the meat thermometer but it fluctuates more than the incubator. Incubator goes up half a degree, digital thermometer goes up .5-2*. What do I do?


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Mar 31, 2011
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What is the incubator thermometer? The digital one built into the incubator controller?

You can solve a lot of temperature issues by purchasing a spot check thermometer from Brinsea. Amazon sell them but sometimes they are imitations.

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