Thermometer confusion


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Sep 21, 2017
Upstate NY
So I understand the need for double checking hygrometer and thermometers that are built into the incubator. I see the system to check the hygrometer using salt.

I'm reading lots but the answer escapes me. How to test against a "known correct" thermometer? Human glass mercury thermometer trustworthy? I'm sure I've just missed it but can't figure this out. I see people with 4 different answers from 4 devices, that would drive me crazy.

Is there a product that I should just buy and trust? If so which one?

Thanks for saving me future headaches!
Medical thermometers are accurate so I'd use one of them to compare to. I used a digital one but the only drawback is that they have a very narrow range they will register.
I nominate this as the most stressful element of incubation. Next to using the glitchy old still air foam bator I had years ago. Still had plenty of babies as I recall. Now that I'm getting a decent one hopefully it'll go ok. I won't have to nudge that dial daily anyway.
I nominate this as the most stressful element of incubation
Definitely, because it's the base for most all the rest of it.
No confidence in therms leads to 21 days of second guessing.

Did a hatch for someone with their bator,
they had done 2 hatches with abysmal results.
I asked if they had tested the blank looks.
The therm was off by 5-8F...too low.
The turner also was jamming and eventually burned out the motor mid-incubation.

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