Thermometer/Hygrometer Assistance Needed... Please :)


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I am taking the incubating plunge!! I've read A LOT about incubators!! I have made that decision!

Next up: The Thermometer/Hygrometer....

What I want:
Multiple sensors 3, minimum 2 (Incubator, hatcher, brooder)
Alarm when temp or humidity is out of range

Is that too much to ask?

Here is what I found:

Temp accuracy is really important (obviously). Does anyone have experience with anything similar, maybe make recommendations?

Everything seems to have at minimum a +/- 1 degree F accuracy range. Will I fry my eggs with that variance?
Is absolute accuracy within a half of a degree or less impossible to find?

Well, Ambient weather does pretty good on reporting relative humidity, once you calibrate it (using salt and water), and then just add or subract whatever number you need based on your Calibration results.

Ambient weather is TERRIBLE at accurate tempurates.

Egg o Meter is useless for accurate temps, dont waste your money. It fluctuates quickly like its measuring the air tempurature, not the actual temperature of the inside of an egg. Egg temps do not fluctuate as quicly as this device does.

Currently I am relying on a mercury thermometer (for fish tanks), that I calibrated using ice water. I bought 3, only 1 was accurate.
I have a small plastic bottle that you use for bottle feeding kittens. I filled it with water, then inserted the accurate fish tank thermometer in there. It just so happens the thermometer is just as thick as the opening of the bottle, so it is air tight.
I base my egg temps on what that thermometer is reporting.

I have just purchased a Brisnea spot check thermometer... Hopefully THIS can give me an accurate temp....
Well, my Brisnea spot check thermometer arrived.... I am angry....
Why is it so hard to get a thermometer that WORKS!
According to the Brisnea thermometer, my incubator is running way to low to create life in it... like I have been.
I stuck it under my tounge, and according to that thermometer, I shouldnt be alive... at 94 degrees F

I am so frustrated right now.. all I want is an accurate thermometer

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