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    May 2, 2011
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    I bought a digital thermometer/hygrometer and tried to "calibrate" the hygrometer part yesterday. I put it into a ziplock baggie with non-iodized salt that had water added to it until it was the consistency of wet sand with no pooling of water in it. I let it set from 4:00 yesterday to 9:00 a.m. this morning. The the temps in the house stayed between 65 an 71 degrees. It only got up to 63% on the hygrometer. I now also know that the thermometer that came with the incubator if off by 2.5 degrees. It reads higher than it it is. I used 4 different thermometers last night and this morning and believed the temp part of my new toy is working. All the thermometers were either the same or within a 1/2 of degree of each other. As soon as I put the T/H in the incubator this morning the hygrometer part said it was 57% humidity. It has been in there 45 minutes and temp is only reading at 94.7. Yet the other thermometer is reading at 99. I am so frustrated, Should I believe the new toy or get another one. Why did the hygrometer part only get to 63% over 17 hrs? T/H is from a incubator supply store. I am now a little frustrated! Anyone have any thought, hints, tips or advice?
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    I don't understand what is happening . . . [​IMG]

    You calibrated the hydrometer and your Therm. [​IMG]

    Now you put them in the incubator and what ? ? ? [​IMG]

    One Therm is reading way different than the other - Right ? ? ?

    You are concerned that the humidity went down or is there another concern? [​IMG]

    Please restate the problem [​IMG]
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    Is your thermometer/hygrometer adjustable? Some are and you can adjust it and recalibrate.
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    Quote:My concern is I don't think the hygrometer is reading right. With the salt calibration it should have been reading at close to 75% after 8 hours and it only got up to 63% after 17 hours. But when I put it in the incubator it reads 57% humidity if I add 12 the hygrometer would be saying my humidity is 69%. I am dry incubating right now and live in the high desert current humidity here is 31% right now. How can the humidity be reading so high on the hygrometer when I am dry incubating? All of the thermometer I am using right now (3) 2 read the same and one is a 1/2 degree off. My thermometer/hygrometer is all one unit, digital and unable to be adjusted. Can it really be off by 12 points?Is my humidity really at 69% while dry incubating when the ambient humidity is only 31%?
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    What is your new hygrometer reading outside the bator? If it's reading low, then going much higher when you put it inside the bator, then I guess that inside your bator IS much more humid than outside, even if your hygrometer might not be giving an accurate measurement of exactly how much higher...

    Are you using a still air bator by any chance? If so then you need to make sure that all the bulbs or sensors of your thermometers are at the same height inside the bator, otherwise they WILL give different readings. Also humidity in still air bators can sometimes be much higher than you'd expect due to the air not getting swirled around like what happens in a bator with a fan. This is why dry incubating works so well in still air bators...

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