Thermometer - Which one do I trust? Digital or the one that came with?


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Oct 19, 2010
Ok here is my dilemma-

I ordered a digital thermometer/humidity reader.... brand new in the box....

The little red/attached to plastic one reads around 99.5 degrees, while the digital still only says around 96.5ish.

The question is... which one do I trust to set the incubator to?

Blah! I don't want to cook the eggs! lol
Are you talking about the device you stick under your tongue or arm to take a temperature?

I noticed that my digital reader is slow to adjust to the temp, so I was trying to set the two cheap-o plastic ones to 99.5 and see where this one stops. I'm so frustrated over this.

Do you know the proper temp (on the low end, just in case one of these is wrong) for quail eggs to hatch?

Many digital thermometers have a probe on a wire to go outside. If yours has that you can stick it under your arm an get an idea how accurate it is. But yes you could stick a medical thermometer in the incubator for reference.

Thermometers without a probe are hard to check for accuracy.

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