These eggs aren't blue!! :(


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Jun 14, 2017
Central PA
Their eggs are always a sky blue. If the hatchery says they lay blue/green eggs, it’s an EE.
Enhhh.... nah. If you look at the colour chart of accepted shades of blue (for eggs), a lot of them are very close to green. It often depends if the breeder has been breeding more for egg colour or chicken conformation. Hatcheries are just covering their butts, because I can bring in a blue egg from my blue egg girl, and get three different opinions as to what colour it is.

These colours around the rim are all "blue."
May 21, 2018
Stillwater, OK
Perhaps the inkjets weren't functioning well at first, but today's Cream Legbar egg (center) is blue! :D :wee:D (Easter Egger's egg is in the 5 PM position.) Happy, happy!

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Very pretty eggs! When our CCLs first started laying last year, they started out with a faint bloom that made them greenish. Over a few weeks, the bloom dissipated and they became more light blue. Do keep in mind that the eye’s perception of blue and green can differ by person and lighting. Pictures of other people’s eggs may look very blue to to lighting or filters. At any rate, your CCL hen seems to be shaping up nicely - congratulations!

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