They are coming!!!!!!!


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May 25, 2016
My mom just ordered 100 chicks yesterday and they said they where shipped today which means hatched today because they get them straight from the egg shells into box.
So with in the next.....three days ill have one hundred chicks :)

I cant wait!!!!!!!!!
We got them this morning!!!!! There where 105 chicks,the place where we got them from sends extra just in case some die in the shipping process. This the the third time we brought chicks from them and none where dead this time. Usually only two or three die so im super happy none did.Mom got a assortment of them so we dont know what breeds or how many hens and roosters. Im going out to take pics now that my camera is charged
Hey you guys,im here with pics the top is there face and the bottom is there back. its all the different kinds we have, i took then out to the grass because the shed is too dark.

he wanted to have his picture taken too
Yay! love your pics!

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