they are growing up so fast..


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hi, im new on the forum.
me and my husband have 15 chickens. 8 red rhode island and 7 black. they turned 22 weeks today, and we got our 2 first eggs. I am so happy
the first one is smaller than the bought kind, and the second even smaller than that, but as i understand the first once are always smaller, is that right?
im glad to join that forum, none of my friends have chickens so now i have someone to talk to

The 7 pullets I raised from chicks are between 21 and 24 weeks old (because I got a few at a time every week for 3 weeks) and the two oldest started laying last week. I've had a green egg a day for 4 days now, from my EE Rebecca. And Matilda the Black Australorp started laying 2 days ago, a very nice light brown egg.

I added 2 older pullets who were already laying, about 2 months ago. So I have been getting very lightly tinted white eggs for a while. But those weren't chickens I raised from 3 day old chicks.

I am absolutely thrilled that my girls have started laying. Honestly, I probably wouldn't have minded if they never laid eggs, and when they stop, I'll continue to keep an Old Hen's House population. Eggs are just a wonderful benefit. But it sure thrills me every time I find an egg!

And I am also the only person in my professional or social circle who is keeping chickens. I know they think I'm slightly off center..... Heck, they may think it's farther than slightly but are too kind to be truthful.
thats so cool! the two eggs i got were brown, Im pretty sure that the second one came from a black chicken, but i dont know about the first.
we got these chickens when they were 2 days old, we had 16 to start with, one deid

we bout them from a farm store, but ACE now have chicks too, and turkey chicks, oh and in about 2 weeks they gonna have ducks.. im thinking about getting some but im not sure, i wanted ducks, but they have different kinds of chickns and i think it could be cool to have another breed or two.. idk, maybe next year.

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