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7 Years
May 21, 2012
south Ga
My babies arrived! two days ago for 23 total chirping babies:) I had them in a box in the spare room for the last few days...The Marans (cuckoo) seemed to be the hardiest, followed by the Sussex (speckled) and then the fluffy Easter eagers (a few had pasty butts which I cleaned) with the silver spangled hamburgs coming in last (they gave us an extra one of them but it did not make it, a few were very small and weak
but except for the one they all are very health and lively now :) I got all hens except for the hamburgs because they did not sex them so far only one acts like a roo and he is full of himself! and I got two roo's one EE and one Sussex...My EE roo is THE MOST ADORABLE CHICK EVER! He is all white with a silvery/light blue/grey down his back and soooo fluffy :) the girls are shades of brown and blue...I can't wait to see what they will look like :) Anyways... on to my brooder box is 1 1/2 by 3 feet long and I was feeling sorry for the babies who are very lively...the outside temps are reaching mid 90's and I have a very safe 16x16 privacy fenced in, covered baby puppy pen/yard off of my puppy room (I raise Great Danes but do not have puppies due for 2 weeks) that is very safe and has grass inside it, this is inside another much larger fenced in puppy yard, for when the puppies are about 6 weeks and 15 lb they are safe to go out into the larger yard and play :) ...So I got one of my puppy crates 3x5 with a wire bottom and I put it in my baby/puppy yard and covered it with a blue tarp so it is nice and cozy inside and I put a movable broody box inside with food and water and moved my babies in with some finely diced tomato treats.... they are all ready hoping on my legs and sitting on my shoulders, right out of their shipping box they never shyed away, or acted scared of me, I am beyond thrilled and already only a few days later they come running when I put my hand in with them
sooooo Excited! my RIR never acted this way until they were 8-10 week old and I gave them treats sweet piglets (Cornish crosses) are lap chickens so I was hoping for more sweet chickens as we are intending to eat the crosses....gulp....and I simply could not do it if they were the only lap chickens we had....sorry back to my question
...So I moved the babies outside so they could scratch and play a bit...the temp was 89 and climbing when I moved them and the lighting is blue/mellow because of the tarp and the place is very secure inside and outside of the crate and I am planning on bringing them in at night to the brooder until they are a few weeks you think this is OK? or should I go get them and bring them back in? I would think it is very similar to their brooder but a little bigger with a dirt and grass floor...but I do not want in inadvertently hurt them so please be kind but let me know what to do
Alright here are my new babies!!! in there outside crate/coop it is big enough for me to sit inside of it with them :) but BOY is it hot!

some silver spangled hamburgs and speckled Sussex....The SS roo and easter egger roo are in the middle with their painted heads...the SS was suppose to have a blue head...does that look blue to any of you? haha
some cuckoo marans, more spangled hamburgs, and a SS
love my babies...EE's on and beside my hand...the one on my hand is Muff and beside my have is Blue with some Marans and more EE eating and a SS at the food bowl
another of Muff :)
I think this hamburg is the roo, 3 marans, EE "Bertha" walking up on the left, two SS on the right ,the one in the grass is the roo :)
EE "Blue"
EE "Bertha"
EE roo "general"
another of General, what color do you think he is?
More of General, he is too cute!
SS roo (taking name suggestions)
Spangled Hamburg "I think roo" I'm not naming them till I know for sure :)
a cuckoo maran (I'm having trouble telling them apart) haha

OOPS! that is not a chick! but we did use a chicken to make her stand up and look so pretty :) One of my 12 week old blue Great Dane girls :) notice the fading polish on her nails haha sorry I just had to include it!
Oh, yay!!! Gorgeous babies, and beautiful dog! I hate to hijack, but do you raise them for show or pet? I love her color. I have a yellow lab (avatar) but a GD has always been on my dream list. They just eat so much! <3
no problem haha...Yes I raise them for show or pet homes :) they are the European type of Great Dane (more massive with bigger heads) and all of my boys are imported from over sea's and have only international and world champion lines :) they are very striking and so very sweet, and all of mine are inside house companions first! and my puppies are my life once they arrive haha I even sleep beside my girls for the first week or two :) you can visit my web-page for more information and TONS of pictures... enjoy :)
purely poultry :) I have bantams coming this Friday and ducks and geese coming next Friday from them as well :) I would love to see any other adult EE's that looked like my roo as a baby :) I would LOVE to know what color he will be :)
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