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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Mak, May 4, 2011.

  1. Mak

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    Dec 12, 2009
    Londonderry, NH
    I put the new chickies in the coop last night. They seemed to grow so much faster this year than last year's group, and were really too big for the brooder. They have been pushing the top open just a bit, and I knew it would not be long before they got it open enough to escape. So I partitioned off a section of the coop with the dog pen and netting, put food, water and a temporary roost in there, and put them in yesterday. Everyone is fine today. The older chickens looked at them a few times during the day (it's rainy today, so they were in and out of the coop), but other than trying to reach the food, have not bothered them at all. The little ones will have to stay in the coop until we get the run divided in half, but they should be well oriented to the coop as home by then, I hope. I'll let them out in their half of the run with the big girls on the other side for a few weeks, then see what happens if I let them together. I'm sure the little ones are at least happy to have more room to move around in!

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