They do everything on CL

Wow. Thats awesome. I wouldnt have the first clue about what kind of environment it would need though. Seems like it would need some yard. Are the intelligent like dog? I mean, could you train it to stay in the yard, bite the bad guy, sit, watchem boy, fetch, etc etc? Could you potty train it? Or would it not be that smart? Or, maybe they would be like cats and just do whatever it wanted to do?
I don't really like the idea of most people having wild animals as pets. There are too many domesticated animals that aren't given proper care.
Is this posting in the states? I thought that the sale/trade of certain exotics was illegal in the states. Also the grammer is very poor so maybe it is a scam.
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Notice all the mis-spelled words? I am willing to bet it is a scam. Somebody who had to move suddenly and needs you to pay for them to send it back to you....

Someone must've lifted it from the Montgomery Zoo.
What was it? It was flagged before I got to see it and now I'm curious. I'll bet other folks will be too.

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