They don't like each other... how do I get them in the same coop?


10 Years
May 26, 2009
Bucks County, PA
I have three 1 year old Silkies and one 1 year old bantam Polish. They live pretty much in harmony. Very little picking on one another. Now... I also have two 5 month old bantam polish who are great together. They are currently living in a hutch in my sunroom cause the other girls won't leave them alone when I try to put them in the coop together.

They all free range outside when we are home... and are in the same vacinity... but they don't mingle together. My girls tolerate the babies... but take great pride in putting them in their place. At 5 months, the babies are not that much smaller than the big girls.

I tried putting them all in together during the day so I could watch them. The big girls chased them under the ramp to the run and wouldn't let them out. When the babies went into the coop, the big girls chased them out with a vengence.

So... I tried putting the babies in at night... after the big girls were asleep... within 10 minutes the big girls had chased the babies out of the coop into the run and, if I translated correctly... screamed... AND STAY OUT!!!!!

My hubby says I have to get them outside full time... to just throw them in together and they will work it out... but my big girls are so mean... I'm afraid they are going to snatch my babies bald. They already chase them, peck them when they try to get treats... some one is always squacking while you hear a baby screech and tear across the patio.

How do I get this 4 pack to become a HAPPY 6 pack?

You have to let them get use to each other so leave them in the same coop together and dont bother them i did the same thing with my ducks after a week everyone was calm

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