They don't like their coop it seems :(


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I made them a cozy coop...and they sleep in the run on the grass? I thought that they knew to go in to the coop and roost at night. Did I do something wrong perhaps in building it?
I imagine they need reinforcement as to the place you would prefer they sleep. I would confine them to their coop for about a week so they HAVE TO sleep on the roosts. That worked for me with my first batch of babies. They stayed inside for a week and then I let them out into the run and they always returned to the coop at dusk.
I agree with dozengirls confine them in the coop for awhile 5 days or so if that doesn't work then herd them in every night and shut the pop door till morning they will get the idea sometime. Really the jail time should do it though.

My silly girls won't go in at night either. Today it was raining a lot and I noticed that they were all inside. But come night time I had to drag them all inside, AGAIN! The weather here has been too hot to lock them inside but now that it's getting cooler I am thinking that the coop prison is a good idea. They won't like it since they have been allowed to hang out in the run all day. They really like it in the run but I'm really getting tired of having to drag them in at almost dark.
I have the same problem. Mine sleep in the bushes next to the coop. When I first got the chickens they slept in the coop all the time. But for the last month or so they sleep out side. I tried confining them for three days but it really didn't help. The only temporary improvement is that one of them sleeps on the roof of the coop. She now has the nickname Snoopy.
I made my coop from an old dog house. Here's a link to it. I'm afraid it may be two small for my six Easter Eggers.

Any thoughts on what might help get them back inside? I've had people suggest that as it get's colder at night they will move back inside.
We took someones suggestion of putting a light on around dusk (to help them see to get to the roosts) anyway, and also hearded them into the coop, only took a few days and they always go in nowwithout they light.
Is there a particular reason you need them to go into the coop? If your run is secure, and they want to be outside, why not let them? I would, however, make sure there is not a reason they are avoiding the coop (like a trapped predator, or no ventilation). They should want some shelter some time, but if they prefer to go au natural, I'd let them.
I have a nice lil place for mine to sleep - but of course they want to sleep on the drafty door sill.... this weekend I am going to put piece of plywood there to make it "unroostable" for them.

I go in every night and put them in the sleeping area - cause if I dont, the girls lay while they are sleeping and the egg drops
to a yucky place and breaks...

Now I think it is backfiring... cause I go into the area to move em - and they file in - jump on the door - and wait for me to move them... I think they like being hugged and tucked in... lol

Here's to hoping they figure it out before winter hits - I dont even want to go out in the snow every night and move em... and the sleeping area doesnt have a door to close it off
I've had mine in lock down twice. Once for three days and once for a week and nothing. Maybe when it get's cold they'll start sleeping in the coop.

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