They have mites!!


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A few weeks ago my hens began having bald spots. I removed my rooster because I thought they just needed a break. It still didn't get better so I moved some hens around too. Last night I discovered mites or lice..some kind of bug on a week old silkie chick. I plan to remove all bedding, clean the coop with dawn and water and bleach, spray it with this poultry mite spray I found at TSC then mix in poultry dust with their clean bedding. Tonight I will dust the big birds with poultry dust. In another pen I have week old chicks and their moms. Should I just bath them with dawn instead of dusting them? Also can I dust my 8 week old chicks or no? I'm trying to keep it from getting out of control
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I do dust my itty bitties with permethrin when I have an infestation (in other words I'd dust EVERYONE). Mites can kill chickens by sucking the blood and making them so anemic they keel over dead. It is a danger to them- much more so than the permethrin. Just don't get it in their faces.

Here is what I do:
(Don't forget to retreat in 7 days for mites, and also at the 14 day mark for lice.)
Put permethrin poultry dust in old tied-off sock. I put a plastic bag under the chicken and usually have it lining a box to collect excess powder.
Turn chicken on its back on ground or table. Hold onto legs with one hand.
Dust under wings and vent area, abdomen. Turn over.
Dust back and neck.
Next chicken.
Mask, long-sleeved shirt, and shower afterward!

If I don't get rid of the nest box shavings too, they come right back.

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