they looooooove crickets!


10 Years
Apr 30, 2009
christiansburg, VA
i just dropped in 10 crickets to see how my chicks would like them. OMG....they went ballistic! chicken chicks and pheasant chicks all went insane! guess i'll have to get more of them. they were gone in less than minute!
those birds will eat anything that wont eat them
here sounds like a easy way to catch critets
from a post

An old cricket catching trick by my Grandfather. He always used crickets for bait, and here was his secret.:
He would use a loaf of old sliced store bread that was going stale. He left the bread in the bag, put the bag of sliced bread in the field (high weeds) behind the house and he propped the end of the bag wide open so the crickets would walk into the bag. The next morning, he would get the bag of bread and re-close the end and go fishing. The bread bag was full of crickets attracted by the bread !! Everytime he wanted a cricket, he would open the bag and peel off a slice of bread, revealing the crickets between the slices.

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