They're all gone

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12 Years
Oct 8, 2007
Northwestern South Carolina
Yesterday afternoon I heard a commotion outside. A chicken was obviously in distress; I got outside just in time to see a big white shepherd mix dog headed down the street with a dead white serama rooster (Screech) in his mouth. This a apparently his last trip to our property for the afternoon. I found feathers of other birds in several spots; hoped the others were hiding but no such luck. Lucy, my little black serama hen survived, but this morning we are deafened by the silence! So missed that chorus of 5 roosters answering each other at 4:30 am that usually awakens us.

Just needed to tell someone who understands they were so much more than "just chickens" to us.
I'm so sorry .... Do you know who's dog it is?
Texasgal, I wish I did know. There is a leash law that is suppose to be in effect. Course, there is also a "no rooster' ordinance that I am violating big time. I can not very well complain with legally clean hands, as Judge Brown would say.
I know how you feel. This past summer I had 8 chickens and 1 almost full grown turkey killed by foxes. The turkey was even taken over a 4ft fence and dragged about 20 feet. Then found a chicken with a huge bite out of its side but it must of ran and tried to fit into a crack in the concrete after it was bit since that is where I found it. You might want to put some bait out since the dog will be back most likely and keep an eye out and catch the dog. Then check for tags on it and if there isn't any take it to a SPCA. Could always say the dog killed your hens and not mention anything about roosters.

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