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Nestled Chickens

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Mar 3, 2010
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I can't remember the last time I was so excited and nervous. This morning I didn't even know I was going to have chicks. Now one is pipped, the other is farther along, and both are peeping up a storm. What do I do once they are hatched?
i'm piggy backing this thread! my chickies are just hatching out today, also! i've never done this before and though i've read about it backwards and forwards i'm still really nervous. three hatched out sometime over night, got home at eleven and they were pipped. woke up this morning at seven and there they were!
they're peeping away right now, but they don't seem interested in food or water just yet....
also, the bigger two seem to be picking on the smaller one.

So when they are dry, it will be safe to move them? I know the other chickens will hurt them if I leave them with the hen. I have my brooder set up and ready to go inside. I just don't want to hurt their little bodies moving them.
Just leave them alone until they hatch, I remove mine after like 6-12 hours of being in the incubator. I quickly open it and remove them to a warm brooder. Don't forget to dip their beak(s) is the water! Best of Luck!

~ Aspen
I went ahead and just brought them inside after they were dry (they hatched out pretty quickly-I barely had time to grab the camera!). I didn't wait for night to take them from the hen. She kept standing up and looking underneath and pecking at the babies. And the roosters were abnormally interested in what was happening in the nest. And it's chilly out there! The chicks are now toasty warm in my brooder! And they are trying out their legs and pecking at things. So cute!
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