Theyre Hatching! Theyre Hatching!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by RockyPhoenix, May 29, 2010.

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    i have had 2 silkies hatch out so far! the first one got killed by its broody mama...second one was pipped so i moved it to a different broody hen whose eggs are hatching too, then i put the rest of the silkies under a different broody hen with fake eggs...the silkie that was pipped is out now and is waiting for the other two eggs that are pipped under that hen so it has some company!

    i got a stack of 4 cages today for my show birds (so they get used to bein in a cage for fair in a month) so that cleared up three pens to put broodies in also i have 2 cages left that are pretty big that i can put the other 2 broodies in.

    at this point i only have 4 of 6 broodies sitting on got her eggs taken away for killing a couldnt take the heat so she gave up today...also my silkie hen is sitting on 9 of her own eggs but shes in a different section of the coop with another silkie hen and their husband...

    im so very excited...i am waiting for tonight to move all the hens to their new pens.... i hope the chick makes it cuz momma was peckin (gently it looked like) im assuming its just tired cuz i left at 2 for a grad party and it was just pipped but i got back at 530 and it was out and dry! all the bantams i have hatched just kick the top off their eggs it seems like because they are out so fast!

    anyway i just had to share my excitement with my favorite chicken people! i dont have a camera with me or a memory card so i cant post pictures...tear....o well i will get pics next weekend...well im off to give chickens fresh water in the 90 degree heat! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:[​IMG] woo hoo babies are coming babies are coming! lol
    that's a wonderful idea about the cages good luck with the rest of the babies
    I just got my new silkie eggs today [​IMG]

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