They're mutts but they're MY mutts and I like them

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Feb 15, 2011
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I thought I would try to learn uploading. These came today. Blacks are Australorps the reds are Speckled Sussex. They are hatchery stock but they will provide us with eggs and fun.


Awww cute! I had 2 SS and I own 3 BAs all from mcmurray. My SS where the friendliest birds! Those BAs will lay some huge eggs! At least mine do. Have fun!
Not a dang thing wrong with hatchery birds to provide a nice, productive backyard flock.

Enjoy your chicks.

Kat - so tired of breeder snobs.
Those are the cutest little chicks, enjoy. I was specific when I ordered my chicks but both my dogs and all my cats,( except the one I found at the side of the road) come from the pound, mutts, all of them and I couldn't love them more if they were expensive purebreds. Sit back and let the love flow.
They are adorable. My BA used to lay a few triple yolkers when she was young. My SS banty was my one of my favorite little hens. I can't wait to get mutts,, but I mean real mutts, when my rooster and my hens do their own thing. I am ordering a new rooster this year. As much as my banty thinks he is getting my EE hens, he's not (don't tell him, lol). I have had 2 batches of rotten non fertilized eggs!! Have fun. You are going to be swimmin in poop there pretty soon! haha

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