They've found their voice.


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Jun 9, 2020
Hi. My chicks are now 20 weeks old. In the last week or two they have starting squawking often, and unusually loud.
Does anyone know why they are 'talking' so much. Is this something they do before they start lying eggs? Are they hot (it's 100 degrees)? They do have shade and water.
I keep going outside to see if there is something bugging them (hawk, etc.).

I'm curious about this new behavior.
I had a group of 10 pullets one year that were so loud when they neared point of lay that I had to close the house windows to work over the phone.

Get your nests ready with some bedding and fake eggs.
@tdrengenberg We have our first egg. It's so little. Hopefully you'll have a present soon.


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