They've gone too far!!


Cows, Chooks & Impys - OH MY!
14 Years
Nov 9, 2007
SW Arkansas
The chickens, specifically two of my top hens, have started running in the kitchen door if it's left open for even a second. They run in and grab what they can out of the cat food dish and then dart back out the door.
No, they are not starving. Besides having a feeder full of food, they have 80 acres to graze on. They're just pigs.
Anyone else have kitchen bandits?
Oh yeah.
DBF calls them (alternately):

... and visitors. It depends upon his mood.

ETA: between our chickens and the neighbor's cat (they moved from next door to 2 dors down on the other side... apparently the cat didn't get the memo), it's a miracle our cats ever get a bite to eat.
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I have 2 bantams that like to hang out on the deck where the doggy door is and they have almost figured it out! They will hide behind the hot tub and when you open the screen door they both bum rush you and once they are in the house all the fun begins! My DW has started keeping a tin of meal worms in the fridge that she uses to coax them back out onto the deck! It happens at least 3 times a week and we still sit down and laugh after every time. Who needs TV when you have chickens!
Oh, and I forgot to add:

We brooded our first batch in the kitchen. When they sneak into the house, they never cross where the floor changes from linoleum to wood at the dining room. The 2nd batch was brooded in the living room and they think they have the run of the entire house. Turn your back & there are chickens in the living room or, worse yet, a bedroom.

Cute when they're little. Not so cute now.

The 3rd batch was brooded in the utility porch, which is right off the back door. They dont' seem interested in even hitting up the kitchen.
I think my chickens would do well to remember that the whole reason the cat lives indoors part-time now is to keep her from eating them! They are not going to make friends by eating her food.
When I go outside to treat them to some bread I also give my wolfhound a piece if she happens to be nearby. The chooks eat all theirs and then run over and snatch her piece out of her mouth.
hmm, the next "chicks gone wild" video. or possible a new cop show.
---CSI Free Range---

That is the best laugh I have had all day gritsar. Remind me of dogs and cat boxes. It is a treat they just can't resist to steal. Just do not slam the dorr or step on one and I hope they will not trip someone.

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