Thick shells an issue when hatching?


9 Years
Dec 2, 2010
I ate a few of my hens eggs the other day and found them harder to crack than normal. Does the thickness of the shell tend to remain constant throughout a period of 2 weeks. There has been no changes to her diet. She is on layers pellets and can free range round a farm throuhout the day. She is a cochin bantam (pullet).

I am just wondering as i am incubating and her first egg is due to hatch tomorrow.
Do thick shells make it harder for chicks to hatch out?

As you can tell i am probably just paranoid. I'm going insane waiting. I had hoped it would be out by now as somebody said that bantams can hatch as early as day 18. But nothing yet. I swear i can hear peeping but i know i'm imagining it cause i go to the bator and it's silent. Unless it knows i'm coming and it shuts up.
Just read this back to myself. Would like to point out that i cracked them over a jug to whisk before cooking. I did not bite into them directly.
Hello if the eggs shells are hard it will make it harder for the chick to get out and only the stronger chicks will get out

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