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May 1, 2008
I have 4 hens, 2 americaunas, 1 small white one and a small buff one with feathered feet. (The last two were given to me and I don't know exactly what they are but they all lay distinct eggs so I know which egg came from each hen.)
Anyway, recently about 50% of the time I use an egg from the little buff hen the yolk is darker than usual and it is also rather thickened and gloppy (for lack of a better term!). I have been throwing them out when I find them but I was wondering if anyone knew what was going on. They smell fine but don't look great. It doesn't matter what age it is, the egg from today was the same way. Sometimes the egg even looks strange without cracking it open and I just throw them away. Any ideas? No rooster, she has not been sick, diet hasn't changed - layer crumbles and fresh veggies and fruits, whole wheat bread.
In my experience, darker yolks indicate the hen has a wider variety diet, probably including grass and bugs, plus natural light. As far as firmer yolks, that is usually totally related to the darker yolks. I've always treasured these thicker "gloppier" yolks myself and prefer the taste. I think they contain more Omega-3 oil, for one thing. That could be why they are firmer.

I had an eye opener recently. The little kids next door have gotten used to eating backyard hen eggs. Recently their mom picked up some really nice looking brown eggs from the store, but when she opened them they were pale yellow and runny yolks. Having no other eggs available, she scrambled them up for her kids' breakfast and served them. "Ewww!" said the kids. "What's WRONG with these eggs, mom? They taste Terrible!"

Even picky kids like them.
hmmm, interesting theory about the darker/thicker eggs. All the hens have really orange yolks but I just assumed these were bad ones. I never actually tried to eat any, they scared me!
I'm all about the omega 3s, I'll have to try one next time.
This hen is at the bottom of the totem pole. I try to scatter the vegetation throughout the pen so she gets as much as the others. Maybe she also gets the things that the others don't want. This is the pickiest group of girls I've ever had.
I'll let you know how the egg tastes. If you never hear from me again, just assume the egg killed me.
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