Thin shelled eggs becoming and issue


Nov 12, 2015
Nor Cal
So of 10 chickens 1 had been laying very thin shelled eggs for about a month, occasionally a stronger shell but mostly thin or nearly shell-less. I haven't worried to much hoping she would come back around. I'm not sure which girl it is but it's 1 of 3 out of the whole flock. We did have some repetative broken eggs last year when the youngest ones started laying and more recently when I didn't clean and refill thier nesting box material soon enough giving them time to get down to bare wood.

I know there are a few things that might cuase weak shelled eggs, but I'm not sure what her issue is (thinking it's just her unfortunately)
- yes they are one layer feed
- yes there have extra calcium
- they do get scraps but only on rare occasions and typically fruits and veggies, leftover scrambles eggs or egg shells. I'm taking rare like less then once a week normally.
- everyone seems healthy
-egg production is normal, or rather high averaging at about 7 or 8 a day per weekly average but between 5 and 10 on any given day with a few only being sporadic layers.

Anyways today I got a tiny egg,based on the texture I'm sure it was my soft shell girl though being so small it is stronger then normal. I did get all the others I would compare hers to (color wise) today and no other fit the soft shell look or feel I'm becoming accustomed too.

My worry is I know in some cases shell-less and thin shelled eggs can lead to or be a sign of other health issues and I need help knowing what to watch for. Mostly so I can help her if needed but also becuase we will be moving in about a month and i want to try to make sure she doesn't get sick or injured during transport and relocation. The hard part there being that since i don't know for sure who it is i have to treat 3 with extra care.

Please help me with some insight
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