Things aren’t going to get better... Should I cull or let nature take its course? :(

Jun 7, 2022
Hey everyone. I brought home a 3-4 week old new chick on Monday - she’s a rare breed and was expensive (Swedish Flower), I was so excited to find one and see how she would grow up. I suspected she was acting a little off, but figured I was just being paranoid… Until this morning when I found her on the floor of the brooder. I thought she was dead but she was still breathing. I tried to get her to drink water, gave her Nutri-Drench, and have been watching her all day in a “hospital box” and she seems to be getting worse by the hour. Tried to give her scrambled egg but she won’t eat. I’ve done everything I know to do, and I’ve lost enough chicks to know she’s not going to make it. Unfortunately we have to leave this afternoon as we’re going out of town, so I won’t be able to monitor her. Even if saving her was possible, we can’t take her with us and my pet sitter doesn’t know how to nurse a sick chick. I hate to even ask, but is it time to cull? :( I want to do the right thing.
Whoever sold you that as rare ripped you off hatcheries sell them I would cull and treat the rest for cocci
It definitely sounds as if it is time to cull given all of the circumstances.
What method would you recommend? :( I haven’t had to do this before. I’ve heard snipping the neck is better for younger chicks, but I’m worried it won’t work and will cause her pain since her bones are more developed...

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