Things I've learned about life from my ducks


10 Years
Oct 16, 2009
Belmont, CA
Hanging out with my ducks this morning I had a realization that ducks always live in the moment.
They love their flock fiercely even when they don't get along.
They eagerly greet each day, rain or shine.
They taste everything when given an opportunity.
They listen to their bodies and eat when they are hungry, sleep when they are tired, and swim because it feels good.

So, what have you learned from your flock?
To relax and snooze more durring the day and not feel guilty
Even though your sister may nag you to get out of her nesting spot and find your own she will still love you and share her mud puddle
i've learned that ducks have more personality than i ever thought they would. i feel like my female should be wearing a crown because she is the queen on the bedroom.

life would not be the same without them. i can't even remember life before i had them!
Life without ducks?

This from a woman who had absolutely no interest in farm birds. Then my son got chickens and when I moved to an appropriate property I decided that might be fun, just to have them running around in the yard. So he built me a coop and I got chickens and it was fun. Yay, eggs to share!

Then I was introduced to runner ducks. I had no interest in breeding them, it was just to have them running around. I ran into a guy who was culling his drakes and he offered me 2, for free. Wonderful! Entertaining to watch and a great conversation starter. Then 1 got killed by a raccoon and the other one started mounting my pullets so I got a few ducks for him. Yay, eggs too! Being runners they weren't about to raise their own ducklings and I was glad for the status quo. Enough birds already! But there was an incubator sale at the feed store so I bought one and hatched out 3 ducklings. My son built me another coop. I got a few more girls. That was last year.
Now I keep checking the calendar and wondering when to set my next batch.

If I'm feeling blue I just go outside and watch the silly ducks. Can't help smiling at them. They're just the most ridiculous creatures in the world.
awee how cute. i had no intrest in birds at all. but i don't think of ducks as birds. they really are so cute with their little personalities.
i agree, life without my feathered web-feeted friends would be impossible. but lets see, things ive learned from them...
to be happy to be alive even when the sky is dark and the weathers cold.
to appreciate cuddling up next to your friend while its snowing outside.
to laugh at those silly humans

to spread your wings and fly even if you can't always get off the ground
and to just be silly and happy
Just this morning I realized my ducklings are teaching me things.

The basics are what matter most - clean dry safe place to sleep, clean water, nutritious food, some exercise and a splash in the water from time to time.

There is Someone much bigger than me who loves me no matter what kind of mess I make.

It's okay to be anxious when things look scary, but when the danger is past, let it go and get happy again right away.

Respond in kind when someone makes happy-to-see-you noises.

(nice topic - thanks!)

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