Things I've learned


11 Years
Apr 20, 2008
I bought 2- LG incubators. 1 holds steady temp really well and the other doesn't. The temp in the bad one just will not stabilize. It runs anywhere from 97 to 104 and won't hold steady. Another thing I've learned is for the last week you really need to get the humidity up. Upping the humidity has really increased my hatch percentages. For the final 4 days I put pieces of wet sponge inside, fill bottom of incubator with water, and put a vaporizer in the room. I keep a humidifier going in the room for all 3 weeks. Hope this helps somebody.
Yes - hyumidity is key!

I have a home built bator - its huge - I learned after my first hatch that bowls with sponges are not enough!

I now use paint pans. The bottom is sloped so the more water I add the more surface area there is. It does really well on 1 tray keeping it around 40% - I'm hoping I can bring it up to 75% using the 2nd tray. Plus the second tray sits under the computer fan I have in there so it gets more airflow.

I only have 9 eggs in there right now & I suspect one is a gonner. It looked kind of runny when I candled tonight.

We will see

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