Things only country kids would say:


Corrupted by a Redneck
10 Years
Aug 20, 2009
My 15 year old son last week: "I'm trying to build a snowman, but the goats keep jumping up on it!"

anyone want to contribute?
"Jessica is a hen not my sister!" This is what DD12 told her new neighbor friend yesterday
my 9 year old carnivorous son....

Dad, he'd taste great with BBQ sauce!

Dad, Why do we have to dodge the deer? Isn't it easier to just run them over than chase them through the woods?

Dad, does squirrel taste as good as rabbit?

Dad, we need to do more fishing this summer. We ran out of fillets by feburary.
Mom, can I take the day off school tomorrow? It's opening day of my season (for hunting) and the weather is supposed to be perfect! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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