Think BO is broody - have questions

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    One of my ladies has been in the same box going on two days now (sitting on a golf ball since I take the eggs). My problem is that she is sitting in THE favorite nest. I would like to move her - I have 10 other ladies that like that same nest and have gotten up in there with her these last two days to lay. This is my first broody and would like to let her be a mama but don't know what to do. I do have somewhere else to put her if I need to. Please give me any suggestions - advice on what to do.

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    okay, she's first time broody so the loyal of broody is still being asked.

    here we are, as what i've read from many BYCer experience.

    grab her out of the nest at night, make sure to do it gently.

    put her in place that you want she's sitting on, then use that fake egg to let her sit on.

    then go away.

    see if she's keep broody, wait till tomorrow or 2 days, if she keep broody, change the fake egg at night with real egg that you want to hatch, make sure to do it gently (not disturbing her much) and always do it at night.

    keep an eye of her since she's new to broody you don't know if she's good momma or bad that will abandon the egg, if she abandoned the egg, make sure you have a bator ready to hold the egg till hatch.

    i hope this helps, good luck. [​IMG]
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    Good advice mulia24 [​IMG]
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    thank you jen4. [​IMG]
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    I agree with Mulia. This thread may give you some help and shows that people can be successful both ways.

    Isolate a Broody? Thread

    I like to keep the broody in isolation in the coop so she is still kind of part of the flock yet they cannot get to her nest. It is also my most predator-proof area. I suggest making the nest she is going to kind of dark as this seems to help her accept the move. You also need to have enough room off the nest for food, water, and a place to go poo. My area off the nest is 24" x 16".

    Good luck!

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