Think I am going to lose a chick:(


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I have 4, month old baby chicks. Two black Australorps and two Golden Comets. They have been doing great, but this afternoon I noticed one of the Australorps was very lethargic. Just sitting with it feathers ruffled and eyes closed. Nothing obvious going on with her except maybe her poop is a little runny. I did manage to get a little yogurt/feed mix into her. Couldn't get antibiotics because feed store was closed today. I separated her and have her under a heat lamp. She isn't looking very good though. Anything else I can do to help her and any ideas what may be wrong?
If you have a bird vet in the area, I'd recommend taking the kid in ASAP. When a bird admits that she's feeling sick, she's been hiding it from you for as long as she can, and now she's really sick. She could have picked up a disease, eaten something harmful, or even been injured in some way; it can be hard to tell with all those feathers. Keep her in a warm place (75 degrees, or supply her with some gentle heat from a brood lamp placed fairly high), keep things quiet around her, offer food and water. I'd be worried too in your situation; I hope that she pulls through.
Does her crop feel very full? Sometimes they eat things, like too tall grass, that causes a blockage in the crop. It's fairy common but also can be fatal. If so, offer her bread crumbs soaked inolive oil, if she'll eat, and gently massage the full crop from the bottom upward.
She is only a month old so has only been eating the starter chick feed. She did manage to get over to the water dish and drink a little but still doesn't look very good. I manged to get her to eat a little bit of yogurt earlier.
Can I get the vitamins at the feed store? Of course, can't get anything until morning and I'm not sure she will last that long. She did manage to get over to the water dish and I got a little water into her by dropping it on her beak. I saw her poop and it was a little watery. She seems to be breathing a little heavily. I have raised two clutches of chicks before and never had a problem so this is new to me. She seemed fine this morning. And of course it is my favorite chick:(
I'm not sure but I think poly-vi-sol is baby vitamins. Human babies, that is.

Yes, it is human infant vitamins and is available at most drugstores. Be sure to get the version without iron.
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How much of the vitamins should I give? Do I mix them with water? If she makes it through the night, I will try it. Of course all grocery stores are closed here now because of the holiday.

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