think I got newcastle disease, can I get input from those whos had it

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    Aug 30, 2008
    North Central Missouri
    After some postings on here about my chickens suddenly quit laying, two chickens with crooked necks, gurgling, watery whites, and one dead this morning, I called the university of Mo. this morning,and talked with an expert. I told him I thought I had signs of Newcastle disease,and he quickly agreed. Said it will pass,but may take about 6 weeks for it to run its course. I may lose some of the weaker ones in the flock up to 10% or so. He said, egg production will resume after that, providing molting doesnt set in,and amount of light I have on them. I'm getting 1-3 eggs a day out of 30 hens, all of various ages,and breeds. Two weeks ago, I got a dozen a day.

    I'd like to get some opinions on those who have experienced this virus,and what the outcome was on your flocks. How long it will be before I can add to the flock without having them get sick. Thank you. Sure dissapointing to get your first flock,with new coop,fencing,and lots of customers wanting eggs,and then find out they are sick.[​IMG]

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