Think I have a few Roo's... What do you think? *Pic Heavy*


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I have a few five week olds here that I am starting to think snuck by the pullet puller!
Take a look and let me know what you think. I tried my best to get good pictures but they didnt all cooperate with me.

First up is Tiny. Smaller of my two RIR's but the cone is more dominant than the others...
side view

standing next to Bossy Britches... Tiny looks like a dwarf next to her!

The next bird has no name as of yet, I have 5 that all look alike except for this one is bigger than the rest and the cone looks different,
Front view... he's alittle camera shy and I had to sneak up and get the ones I did...

Eating next to one of the look alikes....

Finally this is Diego. He is my favorite, adventurous and chases off the others so he can cuddle with me when I spend time in the run with them.
side view..

Head shot..

No matter what Diego stays....
The first and second one do look like roos, but I'm pretty sure Diego is a pullet, especially by her dark color. Barred/Cuckoo females are dark like that, and males are lighter.
I'm going to say:

Rooster left, pullet right
Pullet left, rooster right
And lastly, I think Diego is a rooster. (sorry) With white legs, he's probably a cuckoo marans. (Barring coloration is different on Marans than barred rocks. He's not a barred rock, they have yellow legs)
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Deigos feathers look greyish to me but the feet tell another story see the dark lines on the feet and the comb is kind of small for one who is fully feathered like that my experience with barred rocks is the comb on the male comes in much faster than the females and will grow at a faster rate.
But this is just my experience with Barred rocks and I am fairly new but I have done a lot of research on them. A male will have skin color feet without the dark lines while the females front part of the feet by the time she is fully feathered will be almost black with the back a skin color......
Yep, and Barring is the same gene whether it's in Rocks or Marans, it dilutes the same way in either one, the only difference between the two is that barring comes on slow feathering breeds and the Cuckoo color is cause by rapid feathering that makse the barring blurred. I do agree that it looks like a Cuckoo Marans, and I still say its a pullet for the same reasons that StormyMoon mentioned and that the Cuckoo Marans roo I had and every other one I have seen, had a much lighter color and than what Diego has.
im pretty sure diego is a pullet looks a whole lot like my two anyways, and everyone says they are pullets so
So we are thinking that the first two... Tiny and the unnamed one are roosters.
Diego is black with the grey to white tips, I got two of the rocks, Diego and Oreo...

This is what Oreo looks like now... so is this one a male then?
ummmmm oreo is not a barred rock....the males tend to be more white with thin black barring....unfortunately, i have no idea what it is....
Are they supposed to be Barred Rocks ? Because oreo is far from it and Diego is Cuckoo, like a Cuckoo Marans, Oreo does appear to have a bit of barring in the breast as best I can tell from the pic, but it she is allmost solid black, or I say she because if it is a cuckoo bird and that dark, then it is a pullet, but we need a good comb pic too. Either way, they are not barred rocks, they dont have near the definition in the barring like the one that bturbo57 posted.
Both of them were supposed to be barred rocks. This is our first time with chickens, so I am starting to think I should double check what they all are then lol!

This is a picture of Oreo as a chick...

And this is Diego as a chick....

Does that help any? If not a BR then what is he/she?

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