Think this is big enough?


13 Years
Jul 10, 2010
Stonington, illinois
We just enlarged our coop. Started out with an 8x8 and had 8 RIR's in it. Now it is 16x8 will be adding 3 barred rocks in there in the next couple of days. Also the juvie coop we enlarged to 14x8 one side for our 7 9 week olds the other side I am going to be putting our 6 5 week olds in soon. How many more chickens can I safely put in the larger one as I have 3 bantams that will need to go out one day and when the 9 week olds are older want to transfer to larger coop and I have 23 RIR hatching in lockdown right now.
Iin your 16 x 8 coop you can house 32 chickens. In your 14 x 8 you can house 28. Just make sure you also have adequate run space for your flocks (10 sq feet per chicken in the run).

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