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Dec 16, 2008
for privacy around the back of my fence to help shield my chooks from prying eyes. there is someone on craigslist selling 2 big clumps of it and I am trying to work out a barter for them. I know they can be invasive but where I am gonna put them it wont really matter, plus I can think of all sorts of cool uses for it

any opinions or anything I should know about them?
I'd do extensive research if I were you. Bamboo can get out of hand QUICKLY and the roots go underground and spread like MAD! Just a thought...
bamboo shoot runners under the ground..It is like a weed if you want to contain it you need to build something around the root system under ground..But for privacy its great!!
It will also depend on where you live. Some types of bamboo won't grow in northern spots. My friend considered the same thing. She ended up not getting any bamboo because the variety that she wanted for a privacy barrier wouldn't grow in Michigan. The varities that would grow in Michigan wouldn't accomplish what she was looking for. She ended up planting something else, but I don't remember the name of it.

Bamboo will give you coverage, but it is terribly invasive. The roots would need some serious containment strategies. It's a lovely plant, but I have seen my share of homes engulfed in.
I love the way it stays green all winter long - there is a spot on the Merritt Parkway in CT that it is growing all along the edge of the highway. One of these days I want to stop and dig some up as it is on state property. Looks like it spread from a hill where it was planted as a privacy hedge.
really could it be dug up? lol thats not far from me

I am not worried about it getting invasive I am going to protect my yard side with stone or something and then it can compete with the wisteria and all the other invasive stuff in my buffer zone woodsy area
I've been thinking about this for a while too.I was thinking of building a trench made of concrete and putting the bamboo in that to keep it from spreading.
If I remember it is around the Quineapac Univ exit headed towards NY you cant miss it in the winter as it is the only green on the right side of the road. If I go out that way in the upcoming week I will PM you to let you know what exit it was near.

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