Thinking about finding our rescue horse a new home.....

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    I have a beautiful big line back dun gelding with zebra stripes down the legs that I helped rescue a few months back. The people he lived with let him founder and then never trimmed his hooves for a year. We took him in and with farrier work is recovering, but our property often gets mushy and is not the best situation for him..With his feet getting wet he gets thrush, then gets sore, then limps again......If we were moving soon I'd keep him for sure. The farrier said he will be fine for trail ridding etc once he has healed.. just not a jumper or barrel horse etc...He is such a sweet big boy and is best friends with my gelding. I am torn about giving him up, although I know it probably would be better for him. [​IMG] There are so many horse traders around here and questionable rescues here I am afraid to post anything locally or even in this state because I do not want him to end up at those places heart breaking. If anyone knows a good home for him, a forever home, that would come get him and have the funds to care for him, I would consider giving him to them. I just want him to be loved and be in a place where he could recover fully and be loved and stay there forever so I wouldn't worry about him. He is not very old, but I've done all my own shots, so the vet has not been out to give me an idea. I think under 7. I can get a pic of his teeth to post. I do not know his training..... I have not been able to begin training on him because of his feet, I normally train my own horses with Clinton Anderson horsemanship methods. I was told that the other "rescuer" did not want him because he did not do well on I believe he's been ridden. I don't think he'd be right for equine therapy at this time due to his size and recovering and I'm sure need of training since he has not been trained in awhile. I would prefer someone with experience in horses and a dry pasture- we have sand. I don't want him to be abused or "cowboy ridden".. Vet and farrier references would be required also as well as an adoption agreement that he would come back if things didn't work out. He will pull his feet away from the farrier, as they are tender up front, but he gets better each time, he is not mean in any way except he will push the minis away from his food, but will share with the llamas? LOL He is out with my three big horses, (2 mares and a gelding), 5 minis, a zebu bull, 2 emu, llamas, alpaca, 2 GP dogs, peafowl, turkeys, chickens, ducks and geese, a mini donkey...... so he has been exposed. He loads well. He will jerk his head up at time on the halter, I've started working with him on that and teaching him to flex. I know he was out with a stud horse for a year before again, he's well rounded.

    His name is Dusty
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    I could never take him. Goodluck with finding him a home, and be careful with who you decide to give him too, I've heard the stories from the Florida area...[​IMG]
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    Too bad I don't live back home or even my mom (we lived in NW FL, mom still has a place down there).... Both of us would love to have a horse again. I don't have the property to house him here, wish I did!
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    He's beautiful. I don't know if they could accept him as a donation, but here's a therapy place that hopefully isn't too far from you. Maybe he could find a home there helping people with physical therapy.

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    Beautiful horse...
    I would take him in a heart beat if I were located somewhere close to ya.
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    Quote:Therapy horses go through lengthy specialized training from the time they are quite young. The place we go to breeds and trains them. If Dusty is 7 he is probably too old to begin training for equine therapy. Not to mention he has to heal and become fully sound first. I hope he does find a good home but is probably not a good prospect for therapy.
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    Apr 20, 2009
    how well does he ride? I might be interested but would have to have him shipped. Is he gelded or a stud?

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    I've updated the info on the posting..... [​IMG]

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