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Ok so we have had layer for the last 5yrs off and on, and now Im pretty possitive I want to do the meat birds too. I dont want to eat my layers they are more like pets, so what breed is best? Ive heard cornishx, is this what I should get? Im pretty excited about doing this. A friend of mine has some nasty roos they are going to process soon, the man down the road is going to do it and my husband is going to go watch and learn. Im an animal lover so I never thought this would be something I could do, but when I think of how the commercial birds are treated I feel better about raising my own birds, and I know what my children will be eating. Also what should I feed them? I would like to stay as natural as possible with in reason. What ever is best is what I want to do. Thanks
this is a good idea...I have already purchased my meat birds and currently waiting on them to arrive. I love animals a whole lot too, but since we are meat eaters and the meat has to come from somewhere, I rather it come from my very own farm. Like you said, at least this way we know what they were fed, and how they were treated/lived.

I plan on expanding from meat chickens to pigs and maybe turkeys etc...a few nice big birds for the holidays would be nice too.

I have always had chickens as long as I can remember. And well I never thought about my chickens at home being dinner. Until recently then I have really started to think about the way the animals are treated and probably all the stuff they put in them. I bought 25 cornish X from welp hatchery. Probably the best prices around. $39.50 for 25 and that included shipping. This is my first time raising meaties as well.. It has been pretty fun so far. they are so cute when they first arrive and well mine are now 2 weeks old and they are growing like crazy. I wish you the best of look with yours if you decide on them.

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