Thinking about selling some hens

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by HenPenny, Aug 17, 2011.

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    Mar 31, 2011
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    I have several pretty young pullets. Really too many and would like to sell them. Suggestion on how to do this. I haven't had good luck with Craigs list. I want them to go to good homes and they are fancy hats and feathered footed. I don't want them to be someone's dinner.
    Also should I inguire about only selling one? I hear single chickens are not normally happy. SHould I offer them in a double package?
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    Look in the local papers, usually there is a small animal swap somewhere. Price them right in Craigslist or wait for the spring market.
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    Try asking on your state thread. They might know of some local swaps. Also, people aren't as likely to eat hens and pullets. Especially if they are breeds know for being good broodies/mothers.
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    I am selling some hens tonight. I was looking through the craigslist wanted ads and saw and ad from someone in my area looking for adult laying hens. I was looking to downsize (and then of course that makes room to upsize again!) so I responded to the ad offering them for $10 each (last years hens). The really ironic part is the gal I was responding to was the same person I responded to in the spring of 2010 looking for free chicken wire. So we've already met! Given the prior contact and she seemed nice, I told her $5 each and may just give them to her.

    So the moral of that longwinded story is maybe you should try looking in the wanted ads on craigslist. I have gotten rid of many things that were just hanging around to people that were in need of it.
  5. Selling <year old pullets has proven to be very easy on Craigs for me. $12-$15 is our market price locally. There's no money to be made at that price, but occasionally, sales are necessary. <2 year old hens sell well too. Older hens do not have the same market here. Mostly, one has to be very realistic about buyers of older hens and where they are headed. If eating bothers you, then don't ask and don't tell. Pretend they will live out their lives in a lush pasture in Nirvana somewhere.[​IMG][​IMG]

    Some feed stores will also allow you to post on the community bulletin board.
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