Thinking about spinning yarn.....


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10 Years
Mar 16, 2009
I'm into all the 'country crafts' and love to crochet.... I have goats so I'm thinking the next logical step is to get an angora goat and spin my own yarn! I did learn to spin briefly when I was very young (maybe four?!) and have looonnnggg since forgotten.

Can anyone direct me to a good site where I can read up and also is there anyone in the GA area who might be able to give me a refresher course in spinning? Also any books... advice... whatever!

I have my eye on a gorgeous antique wheel thats for sale near me.... mmmmm!

Help for the ignorant newbie please!!
Go for it!! I started learning from a friend in CA, then during all the trading nights we were doing last summer I got a great CD called Handspinning Basics and Techniques for beginners and it really helped me out.
Respect the Spindle by Abby Franquemont is a wonderful book. She has a lot of drop spindling videos on YouTube. Also check YouTube for wheel spinning. There are plenty out there.

Ooops, just realized this thread is 2 years old!
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