Thinking ahead to next Spring....ideas?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by rebcart1905, Sep 21, 2014.

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    Mar 11, 2014
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    OK so as of right now I have 7 ducks, 3 runners and 4 buffs, 1 drake of each breed.... they are all housed getting some really nice eggs every morning and have even noticed my runners wanting to go broody already! (VERY odd) but I will not allow them to until next Spring....

    Here is my dilemma, right now they are all housed together and are practically wild as all I do is lock them in at night, feed them AM/PM and theyre down at the pond all 100% happy with that...but next Spring him hoping to have a hen or two go broody but I want purebred my plan, was to fence off the 40x60garden across the yard, have the coop tractor in there for shelter/nesting and put the 3 runners in there to hopefully brood out and use as their grow out pen.... I was just going to do a 4ft picket fence with a 40x10ft section a little more secured with aviary netting over the top....

    Has anyone done this and how well did your ducks adjust to the new area? am I being unrealistic in the fact they will be happy with the new set up (without their normal pond to go to everyday) would I be risking them totally freaking out and not enjoying the new area in turn ruining their desire to nest? I know its hard to get runners to go broody but my hens seem hell bent on doing it right now....

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