Thinking I have a bad hen.


14 Years
Dec 9, 2008
Lake Isabella, CA
Appx 12 eggs under hen "1" for 2 weeks. Had 1 Tom and 1 hen in with her. Today found an egg about 20 feet from the nest picked on one end with a bit of dried gunk stuck outside. On my way to throw it out I could see movement throughbthe hole. Almost cried. Removed the non-laying hen and Tom to the spare chicken coup. Is the hen or the tom the problem? Seems the hen and she is picking fights with the chickens too.
If you removed the other two turkeys, there's no need to butcher anybody just yet. The other hen might start laying, or you may find tat something else gets another egg. Hard to say what happened for sure.
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Tks. First when I separated the hen she took on an easter egger who amazingly was holding her own. Now she seems to be building a nest. Fingers crossed. Other girls babies should hatch in about a week. Again thanks!

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