Thinking of Getting Call ducks, need some help answering questions.


9 Years
Dec 4, 2010
St.Albert, Alberta
So first, you should know I have 3 breeds of ducks already. 1 Penciled Indian Runner, 1 Black Indian Runner, 4 Pekins and 3 but soon 4 rouens. I have always thought Calls are ADORABLE! I had some questions before I got a couple tho.
1: how big do they get?
2: how many eggs do they lay a year?
3: are they very fussy? Like are they little prissy things that don't like to get there feathers dirty?
4: do they not do well in cold?
5: how much aprox are they in price?
6: are they very friendly?
7: do thy get along with other ducks?
1) should way 2.5 puunds max. so they are small, some can be slightly larger if they are more pet quality, 2 of my boys weigh 3 pounds.
2) the girls have blessed me with eggs yet so im not sure.
3) not fussy in the least!
4) they do fine in the cold, just give them some shelter. mine are still swimming and tis 20 degrees out right now.
5) depends where you are. ive seen adults range from $10-40
6) very friendly and vocal
7) my only ducks, so not sure
Find a BYCer with the colot you want
Call ducks are notorious for being hard to hatch, not to discourage, but just a warning ahead of time.

Shape: male and female
Carriage: Nearly level from breast to stern
Head: Relatively large. Round, with a high crown, rising abruptly from the bill. Eyes large, round and alert, set fairly centrally, the base of the eye in line with the top of the bill, which is broad and short, maximum length 3.1cm (1¼ inches), set squarely in the head. Full cheeks.
Neck: Short and thick.
Body: Small and compact, broad and deep with a full breast. Tail carried almost level.
Legs and feet: Legs short, set midway in the body.

Drake 1 ¼ –1 ½ lb
Duck 1–1 ¼ lb​

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