Thinking of getting ducks- Info needed.


8 Years
Aug 17, 2011
Hi i love the idea of having a few duck but know nothing about them, breeds,how to keep them, needs, requirements. I already have chickens and small chicks, can they be kept together?.
Any advise would be great to make my decission clearer.
Thanks, marlene.
Do some research, even on BYC. You will find many opinions so need to decide what will work best for you and your situation. Metzer Farms website has alot of info on everything that you are looking for. It is a good place to start for basic info.
dont house them with chickens as they will prefer being houses with other ducks, they need a nice strong warm coop! with a nice big run with a pond or a rigid kiddie pool which alot of people use on here, they eat the same feed, and the best breed well everyones opinion changes here moscovies are easy to look after but campbells are a nice breed so are cherry valleys, make sure they get plenty of fruit and veg and let them free range if you can. they must ALWAYS have fresh drinking water because it helps them digest and eat food. any other questions ask me
Thank you so much for the info, will research fully before i make my mind up. Was not thinking of getting any till next spring if i do decide to keep them.
They do eat the same food! I've for chickens and ducks on growers at the moment and have done for 10 years and my family have done for a lot longer! I think I would know
I feed my ducks chicken lqyer and they seen perfect! Not a singal prob withthem. At all I agree with cooprunbuilder.

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