Thinking of getting some ducks next year.

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Toshi, Feb 27, 2014.

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    Hey guys! Its been a long time since i have gotten on.

    Anyways right to it, so far every year since i have had my chickens i have always seen the ducklings as well at the feed stores and all their cuteness. I have been thinking about this alot. TSC i think, you have to buy a min of 6 ducks. I want at least 3 since they would be housing with my chickens. I already have another home for three in mind, my cousin, she loves her ducks and got some last year.

    I have some questions about them. Other family members have had them before, the babies got all wobbly and everything. I was doing some reading, it has to do with their food right? Whats the best kind of food to feed them?

    And any tips for a first timer would be very welcome, i am just thinking on the matter and want to understand everything, i can only learn so much from google lol i figure its better from those who have done it over and over again.

    Thanks for the help guys.
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    To me this is the best advise you could get, only thing needs changing is most of us agree ducklings need feed 24/7 for longer than 2 weeks which is in the thread. But other than that lots of good info.
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    Lots to know since ducks are quite different than chickens.

    I house ducks and chickens together but that poses challenges. Ducks are super messy and love to splash water everywhere. As a result I have a no-water inside the coop policy. For ducks that means no food in the coop, either, since they need water deep enough to dip their bills in when they're eating.

    Also if you have male ducks they may try to mate with your chickens which can injure or kill them. A high ratio of ducks to drakes can help with this but you never know.

    Duckings need their feed supplemented with niacin. No-flush pills crumbled up in their water works fine. See Miss Lydia's post for details and advice.

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