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This is Peckers, an ancona. She had this one eye closed this morning when I picked her up. She has been a little distant from flock the past few days. We have a newly matured rooster that could have pecked her. I have her in a hospital pen in the house right now. It's been the same for a couple of hours. There's no oozing or anything. Is she sick? What do I need to do?
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The only thing you might do is use some human eye drops in her eyes. Might help soothe her eye. It will have to heal on it's own. Just watch for infection over the next couple of days.

If she continues to act distant from the flock, she could be sick. I doubt an eye peck would cause her to withdraw too much from the flock. Give her a good exam from beak to tail and get her wormed if she hasn't been wormed recently.

This is peckers before molting. (Above)
Below is today.

There is some white. It's not really flaky. But I did notice flakes on her wattle today.
I did 1/2 of a ten day wormer about two months ago. It's a local mixture that is supposed to help with laying.
About one month ago I had to treat all hen's s coop for red mites.
Wow, she is a beauty when she's not molting. My ancona gets the light yellow earlobes when she is molting, then they turn back to white. I think she has really dry skin from her molt, and I would use a little coconut oil on her comb or just leave her alone. Vetericyn Eye Gel from the feed store would be good to put in her eye, but it is a little pricey.
Thanks so much for all replies! Peckers is a special girl. She is my 'would be' house chicken. Lol. I can get the eye gel on Monday. I let her sleep in the coop tonight. When I took her outside to get that last pic, she just couldn't help herself! I was amazed at the changes in her comb and wattle during this last molt. I'm glad I had pictures to go back and reference! And they aren't very old pictures! Thanks again for all y'all's help!
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Update! Her comb started filling in again and she started laying every other day or so, but yesterday I noticed there was swollen again and this morning it was crusty. So I used a warm washcloth on it and the hook came out in a large glob! I put Terramycin in it and put her in a hospital bin. She's not too happy to be resting. Even worse, I think a mite fell off of her. I couldn't see anything else while inspecting, but I did have an outbreak in October. There was blood on one of her eggs but I thought maybe it was because she hadn't laid in a while. I'm so frustrated. When I realized I had mites, I gave my coop a super cleaning and dipped each bird in a bath of poultry dust, sulphur dust, and sevin. They were not happy with me. But I was hopeful that I would never have mites again. I have been inspecting them regularly and haven't seen anything. Fingers crossed it is a small spider or something. I captured it alive and I'm on the hunt for a microscope!!

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