Third hen same problem

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8 Years
Jan 16, 2012
I can't figure out what is wrong with my hen. This is the third one in 2 months. At first they gimp around and favor one leg, then they can hardly walk. At this point I have been carrying them to food and water and propping up in a box. I couldn't save the other two and now another hen is showing same symptoms. Any suggestions?
What are the symptoms of Mareks? I was reading but don't see anything that says how the hens act if sick.
Here is what I found in a UC of Davis pdf file. It won't allow me to copy and paste so bear with me while I type it out. (I googled "Mareks symptoms") and it was the first article to come up so if you want to read it in more detail....

Symptoms. Chickens with Mareks disease may show one or any combination of the following symptoms:
  • Paralysis of legs or wings
  • Depression, weakness, diarrhea
  • Tumors on feather follicles
  • Blindness, often in one eye
  • Pale, shriveled comb

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