Thirty NOT BLIND MICE!!! Help!!


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Jan 22, 2008
We have had banty chickens for a few years now, but not until this winter have we had any problems with mice. Cleaning the coop the other day I happened upon a huge nest right in the middle of the coop about 6 inches under ground. They spread out like wildfire. They were not there a few months ago. What can I use instead of poison to get rid of them. I noticed two of the chickens killed a few, I thought they might take care of more but they have not. HELP! the coop is not that big and the smell is much worse than usual thanks to all the little mice!!!!
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Aug 20, 2009
somebody on here said peppermint soaked cotton balls.

Other than that, go buy a bunch of the automoaticly closing mouse traps and put them out. You might want to be sure to remove all food from the coop at night.


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Mar 25, 2009
If you're going to use snap traps, find out where the mice run (usually along walls) and build little "tunnels" for the traps (make sure the snap bar will clear the roof). This will keep your chickens out of the traps and allow you to set them inside.

I've seen the square milk cartons suggested for making these tunnels. Just be aware that if you use them and the chickens shake them up they're snap the traps. Won't hurt the chickens because the traps are in the tunnels, but it sure won't catch any mice either. I'd make a heavy scrap lumber tunnel instead.

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