this affects us all

Not me my house is paid off 100%....
But people do get stuck between a rock and a hard place and sometimes can't get out.We have all fallen through the cracks I did once,never agian.
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I know someone who had his home paid off, who owned his own business, i went to school with his oldest son. He is a hard working, strong man. A devout Christian. His son died in a tragic wreck, then, he suffered from cancer, and he had to take a second mortgage to pay for the treatments, then it came back, then came back again, and he couldn't work, lost his business, then his home.

It can happen to anyone. Tragedy strikes anywhere and anyone and doesn't discriminate.
I understand,but I don't even have a first mortgage on my place.Some times it does happen and I took step to make sure it never happens to me.I was once in a hard spot but pulled out of it.
I have been down to the bottom and have no wish to go back...
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I tend to agree with what the shelter lady said to you, and if not 1 day, then maybe a week, or a month, or a year or a few, and so on, unless one is truly independently wealthy with bomb proof safeguards in place...especially so if a catastrophic illness or injury enters the picture. Even if one lives in an RV on a little plot of land that's paid off, the land can be taken if unable to pay the taxes.
So I should just give up now????
I mean there are alot of possibilities and anything could happen.

I mean giant space spider monkies could attack next week and we would all be homeless.
I could also win the lottery since I now play once a week,.

I hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Now we can't plan and prepare for everything but we can even the playing field.
I live on less now so if anything happens I have a back up.

The proublem is the solution....

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