This doesnt look like normal poop


Dec 26, 2015

Im hoping its intestinal lining but i dont even know if that happens to chicks. In person it doesnt look like looks kinda fatty but my cam sucks :p My chicks are two weeks old and were on medicated chick starter until not too long ago. Now they just have regular chick starter. I did feed them some meal worms a couple times but stopped because i learned that they shouldnt have any treats unless they get grit. I also saw that tinge in one of the cecals. Pls tell me its not cocci T.T but do cause i dont need dead chicks on my first time having them :(
Get them back on medicated feed.
Can you take poo to a vet for them to look for worms, parasites? Ask for gram stain.

Make sure they drink.

They need 45ml per pound of weight.

30ml equals an ounce.

Drink, drink, drink until you get more info.
Can you get like a chick starter electrolyte? Feed stores by me are carrying a lot more products.
Mix Gatorade with water.
Mix feed with water if not eating. They like it better.

Search for abnormal poo or something like that. There is a thread with a lot of different poo pictures--what is normal and what isn't.

If it is coccidia then your chicks should look sick. Do they?
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@casportpony is a poop expert. Looks like a normal cecal poop to me though, as long as they are not continually pooping like that. I think there is a poop thread somewhere, I'll try to find it.
No theyre active and theyre eating and drinking. I still have them drinking water with the electolyte and probiotic powders.
My chicks are still active. I havent seen any blood in the brooder or poop and i havent seen that really liquidy poop pictured above but i dont think id be able to tell because of the mulch. Would blood be really obvious if it was cocci? Would it be obvious by now?

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