This has been a week...anyone?

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    May 4, 2011
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    I "had" 5 eggs under 3 Phoenix broodies sharing. Today there were 4 with no signs of remnants, did the broodies get rid of it as there was a questionable one a week or so ago? Another one had a break in it, not sure if pipped or them, so I left it...I candled with a bum light since my good one died and didn't want to keep the eggs away too long. There were definite chicks in 3, but the air cells took up about 1/3 of the egg, and then notice one had a chip, which could be a really small pip, nothing like the bator pips before. I could not tell if there was movement or not with the crappy light, but think I saw some. Mind you we are in Arizona and humidity outside is low and temps this week to 109, but the girls don't give up for long, but these air cells are huge. Now the second disaster was when 109, the AC broke in the house. By evening the temp in the bator with 8 eggs went up to 104...panic hit and I ended up putting ice cubes on the turner in the corners to bring the temp down, which worked. The only egg I was really worried about was a Marans mix and when I candled at day 4 with the good light, I saw veining [​IMG] I never thought I would have to worry about cooling without the thermostat setting....
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    Gosh, sounds like quite a week! Good thinking with the ice cubes [​IMG]

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