This is an update to my 150 egg post


12 Years
Apr 27, 2007
Washington, NC
I have peeping going on. The first 1 is an old english game fowl. It was peeping at 11:00 am this morning. It is still just pecking a small place in the shell right now. I hear others peeping but this one is the only egg that shows outwards signs just yet. Please look at my other post to see the whole incubating process and what I am hatching. Later folks, dave27889:cool:
Okay here goes. I have hatched out a modern game fowl and an old english game bird. I also have an old english game bird that has peeped a small place in the shell. The first chick took almost 10 hours to finally get most of the way out. I guess tonight or tommorrow will bring more chicks. Stay tuned.
This is the last post here I will be posting on the original post from now on. Thanks, Dave

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